We are factory trained and approved to install, service and repair Al-Ko sensabrake systems with an Auckland wide mobile service!

Al-Ko Sensabrake
Al-Ko sensabrake test


LT-1000 – EVO


The AL-KO Sensabrake™ EAS LT-1000 – EVO features an electronic control unit continually monitoring the state of the system to ensure safe operation. The early detection of potential faults, such as, lack of air pressure, air leakage, inadequate power feed, excessive duty cycle, or trailer disconnection are all continually monitored with the driver informed of any such fault through the Sensabrake™ EAS mouse.
This unit is controlled only by the Alko Evo controller.


The AL-KO Sensabrake™ EAS LT-1000E – is designed to be fully integrated with your existing Electronic Brake Controller. This model features a breakaway via the electric plug, and will work with any AL-KO approved ‘motion sensing’ electronic brake controller. The LT-1000E is the perfect solution for towed vehicles already fitted with an AL-KO Approved Motion Sensing Electric Brake Controller. We recommend the Redarc Tow elite Pro.